Dental Implant Infotainment: Where Knowledge Meets Your Smile

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Dental implants are one of the famous dental treatments of today. They are an effective solution for tooth loss and long-lasting for people who can’t wear dentures. With this marvelous treatment, you can have a chance to bring back your confidence when it comes to your oral health and smile! Dr. Mike Martinsen offers various forms of dental implants in Fairview, North Carolina. Fairview Dental offers All-on-4s, single dental implants, and implant-supported bridges. 

All-on-4 is a specific technique for full arch restoration using four implants, and implant-supported bridges use dental implants to support a bridge when multiple teeth are missing. Single dental implants focus on replacing and restoring a single tooth. Each option provides reliable solutions for individuals seeking to replace missing teeth and restore oral function. 

With this treatment, people can have a chance to bring back their confidence when it comes to their oral health and their smiles. In this article, we will learn some fun facts about dental implants and helpful information for individuals interested in this treatment!

Dental Implants Can Last Up to Twenty-Five Years

Yes, you read the heading correctly for this section. One of the interesting facts about dental implants is that they can last a long time! Dental implants are made of titanium; the body naturally accepts this metal as part of its anatomy. It’s why dental implants can last for twenty-five years and are expected to be permanent if they are cared for properly. However, taking care of your dental implants plays a significant role. Ensure you follow the proper guidelines for taking care of your implants, which will guarantee to last up to twenty-five years. 

Dental Implants Can Improve Your Oral and Overall Health

Did you know that having dental implants can improve your overall health? According to research, having dental implants can help prevent other health problems like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Dental implants can also improve your confidence in your smile, which could help you become happier and less stressed.

Dental Implants Look Natural

Dr. Mike Martinsen at Fairview Dental has undergone extensive dental training to create the perfect smile for you with dental implants. The dental implants look like your natural teeth. The implants will have the same color, shape, and size as your teeth, meaning others won’t even notice you have dental implants. Dental implants are indeed the way to go if you are missing teeth! So, schedule a consultation today to see if dental implants are the solution for you and your smile. 

Dental Implants Are Safe

Dental implants are completely safe! Dr. Mike Martinsen will do the thorough surgical process, but it’s minimally invasive, so you won’t have to worry about healing time. Dr. Mike Martinsen is trained and experienced in providing the best care possible, ensuring you will be comfortable during and after the procedure.

Dental Implants Can Save You Money

One of the best benefits of dental implants is that they can save you money in the long run. Dental implants are permanent, so they don’t need to be replaced regularly like dentures or bridges. In addition, the implants can also help you avoid other dental problems, which means you won’t have to pay for further treatments in the future.

Enjoy The Benefits of Dental Implants in Fairview, NC

Dental implants are an excellent solution to dental problems like tooth loss and bring many benefits to your dental health. With our superb dentist and his team, you can get the care necessary for your teeth and gums. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, providing you with complete teeth and giving you the confidence you may have been missing. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Mike Martinsen today, and let’s give you the smile you deserve!